Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tourmaline Review

May I present to you, the beginning of my lipstick addiction. Looking back, I realize this is probably one of the best lipstick purchases I've ever made. Can you tell by how much I've used it? This is probably the first lipstick I'm going to finish. This is Shisiedo's Perfect Rouge in Tourmaline or PK307. The PK stands for pink.

According to Sephora's website:
What it is formulated to do:Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick, created by Dick Page for Shiseido, fuses powerful skincare with cutting-edge color technologies to create the ultimate lipstick. You will fall in love with the clear, true color and rich, full-looking finish that make these luscious shades unique.
What else you need to know:Driven by the advanced technology of Dual Optimizing Powder, Ultra-Fine Satin Smooth Pearl, and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, each radiant shade gives lips lustrous, all-day moisture and a protective veil that actually improves texture. 

Color: Tourmaline (5/5)
The color is a very sheer, soft muted pink. On my lips it has a glossy, shiny finish with a pink and slightly mauve undertones. The color is very wearable for everyday lips.

Formula: (5/5)
I believe it's the formula I have fallen in love with. The formula is very moisturizing - probably the most moisturizing lipstick I own. Then again it could also be due to it's sheer formula. But it's as if they've turned a lipstick into a lip balm. The formula simply melts into your lips and soon you forget you even have lipstick on.

Wear Time: (2/5)
The downfall of a moisturizing lipstick is that it tends slip off very quickly. Without eating or drinking this lasts about 1-2 hours. If you eat or drink, prepare to reapply after. I don't think this lipstick was meant to last long.

Overall: (4/5)
If you could imagine Revlon's Lip Butter in a much more moisturizing formula with the same level of sheer color, nicely dressed in a high end fashion, then you have this Shiseido Lipstick. At $25.00, I feel like this is definitely worth it.

Have you ever tried this lipstick or any from the line?
If so, how do you like it?
What's your favorite lipstick right now?

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  1. I bought this one too! :D Such a gorgeous colour!! <3

  2. Such a pretty shade! I've never actually tried any of their lipsticks, but I'm tempted to now! :)

    Carrie:Brighton xx

  3. Nice shade, and I like that it is moisturizing, I hate those lipsticks that dry out your lips, especially the bright shades...then your lips are bright and chapped...not good. 25 dollars isn't bad.


  4. I have yet to try anything from shiseido. I like this shade though. It's very natural and definitely works for every day. I'm liking Urban Decay's Turn On. It looks similar to this one. :)

  5. Love shiseido, my mom buys from them, almost exclusively lol

  6. I enjoyed this post! The lipstick looks like a awesome color that would fit almost anyone!

    By the way, I LOVE your layout :D

  7. I'm not gunna lie, when I first started out in makeup, they were my "exclusive" HE brand. Especially with foundation and lipstick.

  8. I find that Shiseido has some really great products - especially their lipsticks and foundation.

  9. Hahaha omg, I know exactly what you mean!!! I think I got that from using those liquid lipsticks that were supposed to last 12 hours. Omg... never again.

  10. Awesome!!!! So you know just absolutely moisturizing and comfortable it is to wear and also how easily it matches almost anything!

  11. You really should try them out! Especially their perfect sheer line. :)

  12. It is also almost the exact same colour as my natural lips, so it is perfect for me :D
    I love how moisturising Shiseido lip products are!!

  13. Oh that's such a gorgeous color!


  14. Looks like a gorgeous, natural shade! Thanks for sharing; I've never tried shiseido lipstick before! I'm following you on GFC bloglovin and shesaidbeauty, would love to have a follow back:)

  15. Haha, I'm really into lipstick as well. How well does this one wear - do you need to reapply it often?

    Also, your photos are all beautiful - I'm a fan!


  16. This is a lovely colour! I adore lipsticks as I get so much pleasure out of buying them ;)

  17. They're pretty awesome in a understated kind of way.

  18. Thanks so much Isa! yeah I do have to reapply quite often because it doesn't last too long. But I just love it for it's comfort level.

  19. Thanks Charlotte! I know what you mean! I love buying them as well. I've been trying to stop though, as I feel like I have enough to last me for quite some time. But I still always want more. -.-

  20. This lipstick looks lovely :)



  21. ohhhhh wow the lipstick is really nice, I like that. ^-^
    I also have a blog check it out.



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