Monday, January 13, 2014

Dr. Alkaitis Skin-Care Review

Have you ever tried something and immediately knew/felt that it was definitely something healthy and alive you were either eating or putting on your skin? The only time I've ever felt that was when I was eating figs freshly picked off a tree. I recall the strange feeling of eating something so fresh and healthy that it left me feeling alive in such a different way. It didn't feel like a sugar rush, but rather, like a health-rush. Is there such a thing? Probably. Anyway, I'm bringing this up because that same feeling happened again while I was trying out a sample of Dr. Alkaitis' Day and Night Creme. To find out how all three did, click to read the rest of the review. 

Remember a couple months ago when I went to A Night For Green Beauty in New York City? Well I also received a few goodies just to sample - not exactly a PR Sample, but something just to try. I decided to write a review on it anyway since I felt that it was something I had to review. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Holidays from MakeupWithTea

I hope your holidays were just about everything you've wanted it to be! I've never realized how hard it was to keep up a blog during the holidays while working too. It's quite a feat. To all those bloggers that can do that, you have amazing time management skills. Maybe this year I'll have better luck keeping up posts while on the holidays. Well anyway, I wanted to write a few things in this article. The first is a Thank You to my readers who have really kept up on reading my blog. I love you guys! Second is to reflect on the past year. Third is to let you know about further upcoming posts. If you're curious, read on. :)
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