Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sonia Kashuk Lipstick Review

With their super sleek and modern packaging, Sonia Kashuk's line always catches my eye. During the summer, I finally caved and bought one. The color I chose was a pretty safe one. It was between this, or the deep red. I decided to play it safe and chose Sunkissed - which appeared to be a warm dusky rose on the packaging. Let's see if it holds up to my standards.

Color (3/5)
Sunkissed is a cool toned coral-pink. It's semi-opaque and can be built up to full opacity. It's slightly bright, but not too bright that it screams for attention. At full opacity, it looks really soft and creamy on the lips. It's neither matte nor glossy - but meets somewhere in the middle. On my skin the coolness of the color looks slightly unnatural on my warm skin tone. For those with cooler skin tones, this may be a better option.

Texture (3/5)
The texture is creamy and moisturizing when initially applied. After several hours though, it does dry out your lips. I tend to always put lip balm underneath anyway, but it still dried them out. (I have pretty dry lips that need constant moisture.) I recall reading other blogger's reviews and they all raved about how moisturizing this is. I can see how it is pretty moisturizing at first, but in the long run, it's probably pretty average.

Longevity (3/5)
Because of it's creaminess, this one can easily be removed with a swipe of the lips. I mean, what lipstick doesn't? It also doesn't survive eating and drinking. But it does leave a nice stain on the lips.

Pricing and Availability (3/5)
I bought this at Target for $9.99. It's pretty easily available at Target. So if you have one around, you'll be able to find this. If not, I don't really think you're missing out. Also, $10 is somewhere in between drugstore pricing and high end pricing. If you're expecting high end formula with a $10 price tag, look elsewhere.

Overall (3/5)
I really tried to like this lipstick. All summer, I've been procrastinating my review because I really thought I'd end up changing my mind. But my opinion still holds. IMO, this is a pretty average lipstick encased in pretty packaging. While it's key elements were packaging and color, the formula definitely threw me off (and that's a big thing I look for in lipsticks.) Anyway, I hope this review helped you.


  1. Nice photos, I have never tried these lipsticks before but sometimes I can make average work for me so I won't shy away from trying them. Thanks for the review.

  2. That's too bad you didn't really like it. I agree that if the price is leaning towards high end, it should give those results as well. The packaging looks really great though.

  3. That's so funny because I remember reading the reviews too, especially on Target and Makeupalley and they were saying how they really liked it. I guess our lips just needs something more moisturizing.

  4. Thanks Erica! That's awesome that you can do that! It'll probably work out pretty well for you. I'm pretty sensitive to moisture levels in lippies. But that's okay. I'll find something else. Lol.

  5. I know! I adore the packaging... It's one of the things that had me curious the very first time I saw it. And yeah, the price point does lean towards high end.

  6. beautiful packaging and color. Too bad it wasn't up to par.
    I wasn't sure if these lipsticks were worth buying but I think I'll spend 5 bucks more and stick to mac

  7. $10 is quite a good price! I've heard of this brand before I think. i really like the shade!\

  8. Great Review!!!

  9. Thanks for the honest review! It's always nice to see what other people think before you take the plunge. I can be a little picky when it comes to moisture and longevity in lipsticks so I can totally relate to much of what you said :)

    Maha Maven
    Maha Maven Youtube

  10. Yeah definitely stick to something that you know about. I had high hopes for this. But yeah, definitely skip this.

  11. Ah I'm soooo glad I've helped you out. I know how hard it is looking for just the right formula. Glad I helped you out on a future decision. :)

  12. Me too! Ugh, it's just sad though that the formula didn't pull through.

  13. No problem Shari! I really love helping others out make better decisions about what they buy.


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