Saturday, October 5, 2013

TeaVivre's Organic Fragrant Keemun Tea

Have you ever tried something so delicious and tasteful and sooo similar to your favorite, but this new one just sorta tops your favorite? Well, that's my dilemma recently with this new tea I've tried. I've only had about one cup though, but I just can't stop thinking about how delicious it was. It's Teavivre's Fragrant Keemun Black Tea. If Adagio's Yunnan Noir had a hotter twin sister, it would definitely be this. I'm not really going to make this a full review, because, well, one cup really doesn't deserve a full review. But the afterthought does linger quite a lot. So here are some of my thoughts. 

According to TeaVivre's Website:
Keemun Black Tea is one of the four famous black tea in the world, while Keemun Fragrant Black tea is one of the best of it. Keemun Fragrant Black tea only use spring tea leaves as material, in the form of one bud and two leaves. Making process of this tea will take 8 – 9 hours, including lightly sun withering, rolling, fermentation, drying, and manual kneading. The dry leaves are tight and thin. Keemun Fragrant Black tea is fully fermented, presenting a color of coppery red, and revealing abundant golden buds. The unique Keemun fragrance and fruity floral flavor makes the tea suitable for either brewing with Gaiwan or drinking with milk.
The Looks
The tea comes out in really thin crinkly leaves. I'm not very particular about the appearances of tea - to me it's more about the taste. I do know however that certain tea enthusiasts are very particular about the appearances because they reveal the kind of quality in the tea leaf. When brewed the color comes out to a dark golden bronzy brown color. 

The Taste (5/5):
Definitely full bodied, mellow, creamy with a slightly chocolatey background. The taste is so complex, I'm not sure I'm even doing it justice. If you've ever read my review on Yunnan Noir, it's basically that on steroids. 

Steepster Rating: 86/100 

Pricing and Availability (4/5):
Teavivre tea is available on their website: This particular tea's price ranges from a $4.00 samples to $98.00 for 200 grams of tea.  Free shipping for orders over $30.00 and they ship worldwide.

Overall this is a great tea if you can get your hands on it. This is great if you love that mellow, complex black tea flavor.
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  1. Hmm this sounds so interesting! I love tea, but I stick to green tea and snow monkey plum. I need to be more adventurous!

  2. Wow, this tea sounds wonderful! :) I imagine it must be really tasty since the whole process of making it takes 8-9 hours!

  3. Amazing post I have never heard of this before but a huge fan of teas will have to give this a try :D x

  4. I think you'd like this one Ash! Especially since you like snow monkey plum. That's pretty adventurous! :)

  5. Yeah 8-9 hours is such a long time! That's probably why it's got such a complex taste to it.

  6. Oooh if you're looking for new tea to try, try this one. :)

  7. Lol, don't worry, you can have some when you come back home. There's still more left.

  8. Wow, this tea sounds like something worth trying! I love complex teas infused with lots of different flavours, and I plan to do a few blog posts about them in the future. I definitely want to give this tea a go, I'll have to persuade my mum :) I love your blog design by the way!

  9. Thank you so much Laura! :D Yes I definitely love the way this tea tastes.


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