Monday, October 28, 2013

A Night for Green Beauty

During NYFW, I attended the event, A Night for Green Beauty. I was insanely excited - like jumping up and down kind of excitement on my way there. If you could imagine almost all the high end green beauty brands - especially new and upcoming ones, all in one little boutique - well that was pretty much the night. Here, I'd like to show you some of the things I came home with.

One of things I came home with was a lot of pamphlets, brochures and business cards. I've read some of them so far, I'm really interested in several of the brands. Wish they had something like this biannually so I'd know what to expect / get.

Here are some samples I received:
The Dr. Alkaitis night cream, face cleanser, and day cream. Honestly, I've used up all the samples by now and am seriously loving the formula. More to come soon about them!

The next sample I received was Lurk's oil. According to the person I spoke with, they're made of the purest forms of oil, so they're really high quality. 

Along with those, I did pick up a few things. The first is Ilia's lip pencil in Karma Chameleon which I've been eyeing since it's release. And the next is RMS' Lip Shine. More reviews of these on the way! Here's a sneak peak:

                                           Did you go to a night for green beauty?                                 Did you find anything in here you might like to try?
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  1. The Night for Green Beauty looks so awesome! Did you talk to any of the founders there? And I didn't know RMS was there. Nice goodies. I want to get that RMS Lip Shine in Bloom as well, such a pretty nude pink..

    I love collecting those pretty pamphlets! :)

  2. Lovely products! I shall recommend this to my sister.

  3. Honestly, Lol I was much too shy to speak to them. I did though speak to their sales reps about the products. And yeah the RMS lip shine is wonderful as a tinted li balm. :D

  4. Ooh never heard of most of these brands except rms, Id love to try all of them though and I'm definitely going to look into everything!

  5. Oooooh Michelle! I think that of all of these, you have to, have to try Ilia. Try their tinted lip conditioner in any of the darker colors. The stain lasts almost forever - and it's super moisturizing. The only qualm is that the lighter colors aren't as pigmented. But it's an awesome brand.


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