Monday, November 25, 2013

The Empties

Isn't it always a victorious feeling when you've finished quite a lot of products? It feels like money well spent, as well as a sense of accomplishment. Today I'm going to let you know which products I've finished up recently and briefly why. Since it's getting colder and colder, a lot of these are body products. To see a list of the products I've recently used up, click to read more.

1.) Lush's Angels on Bare Skin
I cannot rave enough about this. Ladies (and gentlemen,) if you have dry skin, please do yourself a favor and pick this up. It's a face cleanser and gentle exfoliator all in one. I've never ever had an issue with it drying my skin out - something that usually happens when trying out new face cleansers. I know I keep raving about this and should probably just make a full review, but for now, these empties shall do. 

2.) Lancome's Eye Makeup Remover
There was brief period where I ran out of my regular, now discontinued eye makeup remover. And during that period, I used this. It's really great at melting off the eye makeup. The tricky part now is the removal of the melted makeup. I find it to be a tidbit too greasy for my liking. But I'm always down to use this again in case I run out of my good old Chamomile Makeup Remover from The Body Shop.

3.) Lush's Ultrabland
I have a love hate relationship with this one. But it always comes out finished. Ultrabland is a heavy duty makeup remover for those full face days. My only qualm is that sometimes the scent gets to me. It's not the most pleasing scent. But other than that, it gets the job done very efficiently.

4.) Lush's Eau Roma Water
I had this for quite awhile. A Lush sales rep told me that I could use this to help remove Ultrabland and that way it takes out almost 100% of the makeup. I can't use this for my eyes though - just for the face. So far, it's becoming a staple in my makeup removing process.

5.) The Body Shop's Hemp Lip Balm
The last time I finished a lip balm, I was twelve. Now another 12 years later, I've finished another! I guess it'll be another 12 years till the next one. I kid, I kid. Well, at least I hope I'm kidding. TBS Hemp Lip Balm is becoming a round the year staple for my dry lips. 

6.) Korres Yoghurt Creme 
Not pictured because I think it got thrown out before it could debut here. Sorry fellow Korres container. Anyway, this here, is my staple face moisturizer. It usually lasts me about 6 months but this time around, it only made 5. So I had to make due with another moisturizer. The reason I love and stick to this moisturizer so much is because it's light and heavy at the same time. Light enough to not feel greasy, but heavy enough to really sink into my skin and moisturize. It's got that deep feeling like it's gently massaging the deeper layers of my skin. Great product. 

7.) Lancome's Night Creme
So while my Korres was finished, I decided to finish up whatever samples I had leftover. This here came from my haul here earlier this year. Gotta love those GWP's! (PS, please don't judge that article. It was one of my very first articles. You'll get a sneak peek at how newb I was.) 

I hope you enjoyed this Empties Post. 


  1. I heard Lacome's eye makeup remover is amazing by many bloggers! I have yet to try!

  2. They usually have it with their Gift With Purchase sets. So if you're looking to it for a great deal, I think their GWP's are awesome. :)

  3. I need to pick up some LUSH and TBS items during the sales this weekend! Thanks for sharing your empties; I also love the feeling of getting my money's worth haha

  4. I loooove love love Angels on Bare Skin, too! And I share with you the greasiness on the Lancome BiFacil remover.

  5. I am really thinking about my skincare lately, I am acne prone, sensitive, and dry >.< I invite to join the giveaway on my blog, where I am giving away a makeup palette!


  6. Heard so many goof things about the Body Shop Lip Balm! I have to check it out!!

    Love your blog!!

    Tina from

  7. OMG I want to start using hemp products because of something I think Dr. Oz said, haha! Does the Body Shop lip balm contain wax?

  8. Lovely empties post! The Lush Angels on Bare Skin sounds amazing. I must check it out. Thanks for sharing! =D

  9. Love the Korres and Lush products, will definitely try out the Body Shop lipbalm! Theres a new post up on my blog, and I would love for you to check it out!


    Eli from The Green Raybans

  10. Oooh you have to let me know what you got! I wasn't sure if they had anything for black friday.

  11. Angels on Bare Skin really is awesome. I'm glad you like it too! We've got lots of similarities. :)

  12. Omg.... It is amazing... It one of the things I use almost everyday. Thanks Cathy! :D

  13. I think so because it's a lip balm. But it does contain Hemp Oil. :D

  14. Glad you found it helpful Amanda! Angels on Bare Skin is good stuff! And you can always request a sample to try it out. :)

  15. Thanks so much Joanna! I'll definitely take a look at your giveaways. :)

  16. Sure thing Eli! You have a lovely blog!

  17. Lovely post! I might check out the Lush's Angels on Bare Skin, I love their products and have dry skin.


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