Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yuzen Winter 2013 Box

So it's that time of the year again when Yuzen pops up in my mailbox! This winter theme is all about enjoying the winter holidays in a comfortable glamorous way. For those of you that don't know, Yuzen is a quarterly subscription box intended for sampling beauty and wellness products - in a toxin free way. Click Read more to read the rest of my review!

According to the
Each box has the very best eco-conscious products to nourish the body and soul. They are carefully chosen for excellence, mission and integrity and always put to the Yuzen test before we share our favorites with you! You can cancel anytime (but we don’t think you will!)
Level Candle in Grapefruit Bergamot \\ $6.00
While I don't use candles very often, this one looks like something I may want to light up sometime. It smells like refreshing citrus. Yuzen chose this because it's "100%-natural, vegan, soy candle • Lead-free wick • Toxin-free scent."

Sun Cups in Mint \\ $2.00
These were gone in about an hour. I planned on saving the other one for my sister  but.. yeah it was eaten too fast. I've never had chocolate cups other than the famous peanut butter ones, so these were kind of a strange treat. But nevertheless, they were pretty good.

Kerstin Florian Foot Lotion \\ $8.00
I've begun to notice that food creams always have a strong pepperminty scent. Does the peppermint make feet smell go away? It makes you wonder. Anyway, I have tried this out and it's very moisturizing, sinks in very well (instead of just staying on top.) I like this. It'll definitely be receiving a lot of use this winter.

Jurlique's Rose Hand Cream \\ $9.00
Mmmm, don't you love when you get something you were about to buy - in a subscription box? Well I do! I recall staring at this hand cream over at Whole Foods, but stopped myself from buying when I realized this might appear in my Yuzen box. Anyway, I adore the rose fragrance. Definitely something I'm going to end up finishing too soon though.

Sanitas Moisture Mist \\ $6.00
Another moisturizing thing-in-the-box! This box really geared up for the winter. When trying this one out, it left my face cool and moisturized. Not sure if this would make a staple item in my routine, but who knows! Maybe it'll be the afternoon picker upper.

SpaRitual's Golden Rule Nail Polish \\ $6.00
Not a big fan of SpaRitual, but I'll definitely try this one out! Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind about them.
Jane Irendale's 24 Karat Gold Dust \\ $13.50
Very sparkly. Would have to save this for a glamor day - like if I needed/wanted to put some glitter on my hair or as a highlighter.

Tara Stress Relief Roll on Therapy \\ $5.00
The scent of this is very intriguing. I'm picking up hints of lavender and peppermint. It reminds me of those calming scents that intend to make you sleep. 
Gesichtsmaske Facial Mask in Coconut Aloe \\ $8.00
I can't wait to try this one out. Aloe and coconut are well known for their moisturizing properties. And since it's winter, it'll definitely be put to use. 

Overall it's been a great box so far. I always love how each item is handpicked and really well thought out. If you'd like to subscribe to Yuzen, you can do so at Hope you enjoyed the review!

Do you subscribe to Yuzen?
If so, what was your favorite item?
Would you like to subscribe to Yuzen?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the box!


  1. MMM! those mint cups look yummy! I would also love to try the candle! xxxx

  2. As usual, love your photos Lynn! The hand cream sounds delightful; I absolutely adore the smell of rose so I reckon I'd like that! And the candle sounds great too as I like quite delicate but refreshing citrus scents. There are some really great things in that box!


  3. Thanks so much Kathryn!!! Yes the rose scent is really lovely! I think you'd love it! :D

  4. these all sound like such great products!

  5. These look like great products- skincare becomes so important in the winter when it gets dry!! Just found your blog and I'm seriously in love with the design and header. I'm a new follower!

    If you're interested, follow me back!

  6. Thanks so much! Followed you back. :) Hope you enjoy my future posts. :)

  7. I'd love to try the polish and hand cream. The candle also seems nice!

  8. Um the gold dust looks like it would be AMAZING on you! And I actually like Spa Ritual nail polishes. They typically last a while before chipping :)

  9. The hand cream is absolutely divine. Been using it up a lot. And the nail polish is quite glittery. Very interesting.


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