Saturday, August 24, 2013

Edward Bess Lipstick in Endless Dream

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Around my birthday this year, I decided to treat myself to a lipstick. Lipsticks are usually the one makeup item that I cave into. Prior to this, I never really heard much about Edward Bess, but after seeing their wearable color choices and seeing their good reviews on MUA, I decided to give this one a shot. This is my review on Endless Dream. 

Color: (4/5)
blogger reviews, lipstick, edward bess, makeupwithtea, beauty, Endless Dream is a fuschia with many faces. Under natural sunlight, it can appear quite dark - with hints of purple peeking through. In artificial lighting, it appears as a gentler warmer magenta color. Very interesting! I really prefer the warmer color as I feel like it suits my skin color better. I'm not really sure how to rate the color. It's definitely the color that I wanted, but I don't really like that it seems to look very different under different lighting. I understand that it's supposed to look different in different lightings, but I just feel like the color difference is quite noticeable. Not sure how I feel about this. Anyway, the color comes out semi-opaque, with full coverage in two to three swipes. Not bad.

blogger reviews, lipstick, edward bess, makeupwithtea, beauty, Formula: (4/5)
The formula is fairly moisturizing and feels like a standard moisturized lipstick. It isn't the most moisturizing, but it isn't drying either. It falls somewhere in between. With lip balm, it wears very comfortably and doesn't dry my lips out. Hooray for that!

Longevity: (5/5)
So far, I've been able to use this for about four hours without needing to reapply. It does fade quite nicely and evenly. When eating and drinking, it fades evenly into a nice tint. I'm not really sure about going 6 + hours with this one - as I usually never last that long with lipstick. 

Overall: (4.3)
Overall I think this is a pretty good lipstick. Is it amazing? I mean, it didn't really excite me or make me want to more of it's kind. It's sort of like... your average joe lipstick. Which for the price point, really kinda sucks. At about $32.00, I feel like I personally wouldn't repurchase this. I'd probably save up that money for a YSL or a Chanel Lippie. But nevertheless, it's a great and unique color. It just didn't dazzle me enough. 

Do you have this lipstick?
If so, how do you like it?
Have you ever tried anything from Edward Bess?

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  1. Oh, such a lovely color. It looks brighter on the lips than it does in the tube!
    <3 Kallie,

  2. The colour looks lovely- I have nominated you for the Liebster Award and would really like you to do it!
    Lottie x-

  3. a very lovely colour, I agree with Kallie, it does look a lot brighter on your lips than in the tube! $32 is a whooping price to ask for, I'm finding more and more cheaper lipsticks to be up to par in hydration, pigmentation and lasting qualities as the more expensive lipsticks.

  4. Such a gorgeous color! I'm all about different shades of pink. The color looks amazing on you. :)

  5. Beautiful color. & It really suits you! :)

  6. Great colour <3 Want to follow each other? Let me know ;)



  7. That shade really goes with your skin tone, and I love the longevity of it! Great finding your blog.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  8. That is a really pretty soft pink. I have been loving pink tones this summer.

  9. That's so true. I feel like it blends with my skin tone much better on the lips.

  10. Thanks so much Lottie! I'll definitely take a look at it! :D

  11. Thanks Erica! Yeah, I feel like pink tones are just so soft and pretty for summer. Plus it's one of the best times of the year to them.

  12. True. I feel like the price is a little too much... But I'm not saying it's a bad lipstick. I just feel like I shouldn't be paying such a high amount for it. And yeah there are definitely a lot of cheaper alternatives.

  13. I usually always follow my readers back. Unless it's like, a porn site. Lol.

  14. Lovely color! It's so pretty- right up my alley!!! I havent tried Edward Bess products but I'd keep this lipstick in mind. I heard great raves about their blushes too! And I love your layout - sooo pretty!!!

  15. What a gorgeous shade it suits you really well! We have just started following your blog and love it! Maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?


  16. this is a nice pink and it looks really nice on you; haven't tried this brand before but i'll keep this in mind the next time i buy one :)

    anyways, i nominate you for the liebster award :)

    heres the link:

  17. Pretty shade :) x


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