Monday, June 3, 2013

What's In My Makeup Bag

picture of lipstick, lotion, perfume,

This Spring has been a mix of cold rainy weather and random bursts of sunshine. With that said, my hands still get dry. TBS Hemp Hand Protector is a thick lotion perfect for dry hands. This is probably the thickest, creamiest lotion I've got. Sexy Little Things by VS is a blend of citrus and flowers. Perfect for bringing out the sun behind the clouds. I've been wearing this a lot because it seems to be fitting my mood at the moment. It cheers up the day and awakens me. Mirabella Lipstick: I threw this in when I realized how absolutely moisturizing it was. It's nice enough to be a lip balm. I throw it between lip balm and lipstick. Maybelline L/S in Shocking Coral: Bright and summery, perfect for sunny days. Love the formula, color and wear. I'll be doing a full review of this soon. And do you recognize that bag? It's last month's Ipsy Bag! Lol, I never realized how handy it would come.

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  1. Thanks Aman! Haha, yeah my sister saw the perfume bottle too and couldn't get over how cute and tiny it was.

  2. Love how you keep it simple, I'm the same way!

    That perfume bottle looks so cute and tiny!

    Aman xx

  3. Hey Georgina! Thanks so much for coming over! :D And lol, yeah I like having something that I could throw into almost any purse.
    Thanks so much for following. I'm following you back. :)

  4. I like your minimalist makeup bag - I think most of us carry far far too much! Love your blog design too, really pretty :)

    New GFC follower here :)


  5. You have such a well edited makeup bag! The Maybelline Shocking Coral lipstick is so pretty~


  6. It's really nice for spring and summer.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Rachel! It's nice - just a little thick. I think it'd be best for winter, but since its been so cold lately, why not?

  8. That coral lipstick looks lovely. So perfect for the warmer months!

  9. The Maybelline lipstick is so pretty, love it! That hand cream sounds really lovely, at the moment I am loving my LOccitane one but may give this one a go when I run out.

  10. Lovely blog, thanks for commenting on mine.
    Been wanting to try the Hemp hand cream for so long! Looks lovely. xx

    Rachael |

  11. I love citrus and florals! Next time I'm at the mall, I'm totally going to look for that Victoria's Secret scent :)


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