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Dr. Alkaitis Skin-Care Review

Have you ever tried something and immediately knew/felt that it was definitely something healthy and alive you were either eating or putting on your skin? The only time I've ever felt that was when I was eating figs freshly picked off a tree. I recall the strange feeling of eating something so fresh and healthy that it left me feeling alive in such a different way. It didn't feel like a sugar rush, but rather, like a health-rush. Is there such a thing? Probably. Anyway, I'm bringing this up because that same feeling happened again while I was trying out a sample of Dr. Alkaitis' Day and Night Creme. To find out how all three did, click to read the rest of the review. 

Remember a couple months ago when I went to A Night For Green Beauty in New York City? Well I also received a few goodies just to sample - not exactly a PR Sample, but something just to try. I decided to write a review on it anyway since I felt that it was something I had to review. 
Dr. Alkaitis Skin-Care Regimen is formulated around the idea that "If you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin." While stepping into the world of Organic Beauty, this phrase was very much chanted over and over again. And it makes sense. The things that go on your skin are absorbed into your blood stream. I shiver just thinking about what could possibly be in my blood stream. But anyway, that's why 

Organic Purifying Face Cleanser.
I noticed that Dr. Alkaitis seemed to have a generic face cleanser for all skin types. The texture is interesting as the foam is a very slight foam. I wasn't too particularly fond of the skin cleanser as it was a little too drying for my already dry skin (foam products usually dry out my skin anyway). So this one was an easy pass. 
Ingredients: Into Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Castile Cleansing Base (compounded from virgin, cold pressed organic Olive*, organic Shea*, organic Jojoba*, organic Coconut*, organic Sesame*, organic Castor* and organic Borage* oils) the following ingredients are added: Distilled water, Organic Herbal Skin Repair Complex (made up of Chamomile*, Plantain*, Black Elder*, Greater Nettle*, Myrrh†, Bitter Orange*, Rosemary*, Marsh Mallow*, Benzoin†, Marigold*, True Lavender*, Sea Wrack†, and Atlantic Seaweed†). Vegetable Glycerin, Citrus seed extract, natural Vitamin A complex, natural Vitamin C complex, full spectrum natural Vitamin E complex (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols), 100% pure Essential Oils
* Certified organically grown† Ethically wild-crafted

Day Creme.
Absolutely amazing. The consistency is a light, and almost fluffy, but it's a dream to put all over your skin. I've read that this line is supposed to be used sparingly. So I did just that. I found that it really sunk into my skin and it gave it the feeling of hydration. The consistency was a little lighter than my usually thicker formula, however. But other than that, it was definitely a treat to use. I don't think I would swap this for my usual face moisturizer though. I think that if they discontinued my usual moisturizer though, this would come in as second place. 
Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera gel*, virgin cold pressed Organic Shea butter*, Organic Herbal Skin Repair Complex (compounded from the organic herbs St. John’s Wort flowers*, Water Navelwort*, Horsetail*, Coltsfoot*, Marigold Blossoms* and Echinacea root*). Vegetable Lecithin, full spectrum natural vitamin E complex (D- alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols), Natural vitamin C complex, Citrus seed extracts, 100% pure Essential Oils.* Certified organically grown.† Ethically wild-crafted

Night Creme.
If I thought the day creme was nice, the night creme was absolute heaven. It was love at first feel. It was thick and creamy but it sank into my skin soooo luxuriously. The scent was interesting and unconventional. Nothing smelled artificial. Instead I got a very faint whiff of herbal delights. Whatever they were putting in here was definitely good stuff. Of all the three products, I loved this the most. I was actually on my way to getting a new bottle of this when my Korres one had run out a couple months ago. What stopped me? A whopping $65.00 for 1 oz stopped me. As awesome as this felt, I don't think I'm at that place where I'd want to splurge $65.00 for two months worth of face cremes. (Unless I win the lottery overnight, I mean, I might consider it, but other than that, this one is definitely not within this bloggers budget.) 
IngredientsOrganic Aloe Vera Gel*, virgin cold pressed organic Shea butter*, Organic Herbal Skin Repair Complex (composed of the organic herbs Jojoba*, Olive*, Brier Rose blossoms†, Wild Carrot†, Echinacea root*, Coltsfoot*, Horsetail*, Water Navelwort*, Marigold blossoms*, and Roman Chamomile flowers*). Vegetable Lecithin, Citrus seed extract. Full Spectrum natural vitamin E (D- alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols) complex, natural vitamins A, B and C complexes, 100% pure Essential Oils* Certified organically grown† Ethically wild-crafted
I think that of all the face cremes I've tried, this has got to be the most luxurious feeling. It really gives you that "oooooh" factor. Unfortunately, though, the price range is a little too out of range to be constantly buying. A years worth of night creme comes out to about $360. On the other hand, if you can afford this luxurious creme, then it's definitely worth even a try.


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  4. We've never heard this brand before, but we like the sound of it! It's a shame it is so pricey though!

  5. Everything sounded so great until you mentioned the steep price-tag! Such a shame! =(

    Great review!

  6. i think if you cant eat it, don't put on your face is pretty interesting concept. Things you can not eat might actually give better results too lol.

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  8. Fab review! I'm trying to use more organic products and this sounds lovely! :)

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