Monday, February 18, 2013

Makeup Organization & Storage

Makeup Basket filled all of my daily essentials
This basket has been a life saver. It's small and compact, and even perfect for traveling. It's perfect for just the essentials like makeup palettes, brushes, blushes, foundation, etc. I can fit everything I need in here. The only thing can't carry is my lippies.

May I present to you, my humble Lippie Drawer:

The Lippies and Compan

So this is the Lippie drawer where I keep most of my lip products. At the very top I keep organic makeup like Tarte's lip stains and Korres Lipsticks and miscellaneous lip balms.
The middle contains high end lip products.
The bottom is a mix of other makeup. This mostly contains miscellaneous products including blushes and lip balm. I also carry all my Revlon Lip Butters in there.  

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