Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Wish List

Lately I've been trying to focus less on the things I want, and more on the things I absolutely need. This past weather has really been tricky to work with. I want to go out in my spring wardrobe full of all these girly dresses and frills but instead walk out in rain boots and my black raincoat. Where has my summer gone?

1.) Ariel Compact Mirror from Sephora's Disney Collection.
I've never felt like such a little girl wanting a cool new toy. I was kinda bummed when I found out the Cinderella compact was bought off by all those ebayers. Now they're only available for about $200-300 on Ebay. But this Ariel one is just as lovely. And maybe this time, I can get a Disney compact. I've been checking almost everyday on Sephora for it to come out already.

2.) A Summer Raincoat.
I know, I know. I already have a black one. Why get another one? Well because it's summer. That's why. I don't really want to dress like I'm taking a hike in the winter snow. A summer colored trench raincoat would be a little more fun than my black one.

3.) Nars Nail Polish:
This pair in particular. Okay maybe I just want the coral one. But there's no way I'm dropping $29 for nail polish. A girl can dream. 

4.) Comfortable Black Pumps.
Let's be honest. There are some things a woman cannot live without. One of them is a pair of comfortable, walkable, fashionable black pumps. I'm sure they exist somewhere. I used to have a pair but they sadly are in need of extensive repair. So I've been on the hunt for a pair ever since my favorite Nine West shoes gave in. After wearing my backup black Payless pumps, I've never realized the importance of comfy shoes! Seriously, there is no point in wearing heels if I'm going to walk like a Walking Dead zombie.

5.) Comfy A** Pants.
Who couldn't get enough of these? Especially comfortable high quality ones. I'm thinking of getting American Apparels Rider Pants. They're supposed to be really comfortable and high quality. I usually don't shop in AA because their ads creep me out somehow. But my sister lured me into their shops once and I was surprised at the great quality of their clothing.

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  1. It is a lovely color. But lol, it's so expensive! I'm currently looking for a dupe. xD

  2. Lately I've been trying to focus less on the things I want, and more on the things I absolutely need - me too :) i currently have myself on house arrest so id stop spending and save more. i hope you get that peach nars nail polish soon :D its a cute color

  3. Hey Sockwun! I'm currently looking at >this pair from nine west. I have the beige pink one from a long time ago and it is so comfortable.... I had no idea they had it in black until now!

  4. I agree that every girl needs a pair of black pumps that are comfortable to walk in. Im also in the market for a pair myself. Please drop me a link if you do find a pair!



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