Monday, April 22, 2013

News: Sephora Pulling Lorac Counters

Several months ago, I read a review about a Lorac Palette on A reviewer, tlkingsley, wrote, "IMO, LORAC palettes are the unsung heroes of the makeup industry!!" And now I can fully understand why.

Last week, I walked into my local Sephora, about to browse the Lorac section when I noticed something odd. The counter was no longer there. Instead, it was replaced with a counter filled with miscellaneous makeup sets. When I asked the sales associate where it was, she said, "We no longer carry Lorac in store, but we still carry them online." I was a little shocked, and pretty much in denial for the first couple of seconds. I began to wonder if she was joking with me. (Sometimes people do that!) When I realized she wasn't, I asked ... why? She informed me that she wasn't sure either. She thinks, "It's because they aren't selling as much as the other brands - which is strange because people ask me about Lorac almost every day." 

Sigh. Just when I've found a great high quality, reasonably priced brand, it gets pulled. Maybe it's just as well - better for my wallet anyway. For those of you willing to pick up the Lorac PRO or the Unzipped or any of their makeup sets, you'll have to do so online or find another beauty retailer. As far as I know, Ulta still carries them in store. (Too bad there's no Ulta around me.)

So far, I have two HG products from them. The first is their PRO Palette. My review can be read here. The second is their PRO Eyeliner in black. You can find all my articles about Lorac here.

Have you ever tried Lorac? Does your local Sephora still carry them? Let me know. 


  1. I'm kind of upset too :( But I know a place that still carries them if you are wondering.


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