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Ipsy August 2013 Review

Honestly, it feels like yesterday I just got the July bag. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw that the August Ipsy bag had arrived. This months Ipsy bag theme is "Glamour Academy". The bad is a purple and gold with Not bad, but not really my thing. I do enjoy the colors though! While Ipsy has been doing so well for me, I feel that this wasn't really the best bag for me.

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Pacifica Alight BB Cream ($5.33)
The first item is something I almost bought, but didn't because I wanted to try out a sample is Pacifica's BB Cream. I've always loved Pacifica's products - particularly their luxurious lotions and candles. So when I heard about them moving toward the beauty industry, I was pretty excited. I almost bought this at Target, but I'm glad I got a chance to try it out first. It's fairly moisturizing and has a little bit of sparkle - or rather, super tiny glittery specs. I'm not sure how I feel about the micro-sparkle. It's not really my thing. The coverage is decent and somewhere between sheer to mildly opaque. Overall it's not a bad product. And the color surprisingly suits my skin quite well. 
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Pixi Mascara ($4.50)

The next item is Pixi's Mascara valued at $4.50. I'm really glad they added this item from Pixi as I've been wanted to try out their brand for quite some time. I haven't had a chance to try these out yet, but I'll let you know in a future post how these are doing.
Pixi Mascara

Noya Lip Balm ($3.99)
So in this month's bag, you either received an Urban Decay lipstick or a chapstick. Now, I don't know about you, but it just doesn't really seem fair to the party receiving the chapstick. I am a little pissed that I got the lip balm instead of the lipstick - especially since I was really excited on trying out their lipstick. But anyway, let's talk about the lip balm... It's pretty emollient and moisturizing with an initial scent of apples. The moisture stays for several hours. Not bad actually. (But I still wanted that UD lippie.)
Noya Lip Balm

Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask ($9.00)
A pumpkin face mask? Who would've thought they'd make face mask out of pumpkins? It certainly is creative. But is it pretty good? On initial application, I noticed how soft and silky it felt - almost like a lotion with some little grubs. And then scent definitely smells like pumpkins - very reminiscent of Thanksgiving/Fall. Afterward, my face felt really smooth and moisturized! I left it on for about a minute before removing. I usually don't leave masks on too long because of previously bad experiences. But this one was pretty good!
Michael Todd Cosmetics Pumpkin Mask

Michael Todd Cosmetics Pumpkin Mask

MICA Beauty Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in Bronze ($11.66~)
This one really blew me away. I was floored at how absolutely highly pigmented and beautiful this one is. I'm not a loose powder type of person, but this one really blew my mind. Bronze is a shimmery, metallic color that looks lovely on the skin and really brightens up the eyes. I've been using this one almost everyday since I received this bag. It's probably my favorite thing in the bag so far. 
MICA Beauty
MICA Beauty

While I am just a tid-bit upset that I didn't get the UD Lipstick, there are still a decent amount of products here I really liked such as the MICA eyeshadow as well as several items that I almost bought. If you want to sign up for Ipsy, you can click here for my referral code or here if you'd like to sign up without my referral code.
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Are you subscribed to Ipsy?
If so, how do you like it?
What kind of makeup did you get?

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  1. Yeah, I don't know why on earth they made the lip balm the alternative to the UD lipstick. Someone over there needs a good talking to... at least you like some of the products. I haven't tried out the loose pigment yet - scary, haha!

  2. I know! Ugh, it's really disappointing to the other party. :(
    I'm glad though that I really like the other products. You should try the loose pigment! It's really really heavily pigmented! :D

  3. I didn't get into Ipsy in time, but I got a bag from a friend. I agree, it really sucks that some people go the lip balm instead of the UD lippie. I tried the Pacifica BB Cream and I didn't like it. I didn't like the glitter or the smell of the BB cream. Ah!

  4. love your hauls

  5. that loose shadow looks amaaazing!! ahh that's one of my favorite colors to wear! also, i'd love to hear how you get along with pixi products as i haven't tried any myself but am always tempted to sneak a little purchase in at target hehe

    Natalie |

  6. Yeah I'm not so sure why they put glitter in bb cream... But I'm so glad I tried it out before purchasing. Also, I'm not sure what Ipsy was thinking with the UD/lip balm. :/

  7. The Loose e/s is pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised.

  8. I've never heard of Ipsy before! Another subscription box for me to look into, thankyou very much! :) xx

  9. Oh no problem Chloe! I'm glad this post helped you! :D

  10. Aw bummer! I thought everyone get the same in these bags. Ipsy definitely improved over time. I have michael todd's concealer and didn't like it too much but their pumpkin mask does look pretty good

  11. Yeah, it would seem that way, but apparently it gets "tailored" to fit everyone's specific wants. I deno.. I put down that I love lipstick .... But yeah the mask is pretty good as well.


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