Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rishi Sencha Loose Tea

Quite some time ago, I decided to venture onto different teas. This particular adventure delved into Sencha tea. Just the name itself called for me. Back then, I had no idea what Sencha tea was. All I knew was that it sounded pretty exotic and grassy. So, the adventurous part of me said, "go for it!" Here is my experience with Sencha Tea. 

According to Rishi's website:
Sencha is the traditional steamed green tea of Japan. Steaming preserves tea's fresh character and vivid green color by quickly halting natural tea oxidation. Sencha is finished with a light roast to develop a light pine aroma. Sencha's bright green infusion has a refreshing energy with a balance of juicy-sweet flavor, deep umami and a crisp, refreshing finish.
Sencha leaves are tiny, almost crumby and appear in a fresh, very bright green color. The scent is a strong, grassy, seaweed scent. Very promising. I've been brewing my teas in the Ingenuity Teapot, and the smaller tea leaves make cleaning a little bit harder.

Taste: (2/5)
I think my sister put it best, "Ateh, this taste's like Mama's vegetable soup." I tried it again and realized, she was absolutely right. Sencha is a green tea, but it's very different. It's got a very vegetal, almost seaweed taste. Other people though, really like this type of tea. But I guess it's just not my cup.

Pricing and Availability: (3/5)
Available in some Whole Foods and organic groceries. I believe I got this for $8.99 at a local organic grocery on sale, but when I looked online, the prices were much more expensive ranging from $8.99 to $95.00. Pretty steep. 

Overall: (2.5/5)
While this isn't my cup of tea, there are quite a few people I know that really like this kind of tea. If you're into a vegetal, seaweed-y cup of tea, then this may be for you. 


  1. I don't think I'd try this lol. I don't like vegetable-tasting tea either. Thanks for another awesome tea review! :)

    ☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }

  2. I don't like tea at all so this isn't for me

  3. This is so interesting. I haven't really heard of a tea described as "seaweed" tasting, haha. I love tea though!


  4. It's a really different kind of tea. The seaweed is very mild, but you get an aroma of it.

  5. There are a lot of different kinds of teas. I feel like there could be one for everybody. I remember when I first started with tea, there was a description on Yunnan Tea as "the tea for coffee drinkers." I chose that tea and loved it! And that was when I drank coffee every morning without fail. :)

  6. This sounds interesting! I always like trying new things, so I would probably give this tea a try despite the "seaweed" taste, haha. Great review! <3 :)

  7. Lol, I don't blame you. I'm sure their others tea are pretty good though. Perhaps it's just the "Sencha" that I don't like.

  8. Thanks Melissa! I wish I could send you some, but I already gave it away. xD

  9. " vegetal, seaweed-y cup of tea" lolol!! I haven't tried this but I recently got into Mexican Chai tea and Hibiscus/citrus tea ^_^

  10. Ooooh Hibiscus is soo good - especially in the summer. I don't think I've ever tried Mexican Chai tea. I wonder how close it tastes to Chai Tea.


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