Monday, April 29, 2013

Nars Dolce Vita Review and Swatches

Every once awhile, you get a lip color that just seems to match no matter what you're wearing. It's that subtle, not too pink, not too bright, not too dark lip color. Dolce Vita Velvet Lip Pencil by Nars does that for me.

Packaging: (3/5) This picture shows just how much wear and tear it's been getting. The outer lining is coming off. When it was new however, it came in the most sleek sophisticated design a lip pencil has ever come in. One thing that annoyed me however, was the constant sharpening. I eventually ended up buying the Nars sharpener.

Color: (5/5) Described as a muted rose on Sephora's website, I have to agree. It's a color that I think most people would be able to pull off. The color applies moderately opaque and can be built up to a fuller intensity.

 Forumla: (4/5) The formula is moisturizing at first but then dries into a slightly more powdery formula to keep the matte texture. When I first applied this, I was surprised at how creamy a matte lip could be. But then after about 4 hours, my lips started to peel. I'd recommend wearing lip balm under this.

Wear Time
: (4/5) For me, this doesn't really last more than four hours. It's not because the color has completely gone, but because I have to remove it and apply a lip balm. So I'm not really sure how long it would last if I didn't have to keep reapplying lip balm. (I have really dry lips that need constant attention.)
Overall: (4/5) This lip pencil is great for people that don't have that perfectly matte MLBB shade. At $25, it can be pricey. I've only bought this once, but it does last a very long time. Available at Sephora, the Nars website, and where ever Nars counters are sold.  

Do you have this lip color? If so, tell me how like or don't like it.


  1. I love the NARS blush, so I just might have to check out this lip color. Looks beautiful!

    1. I've always been tempted to pick out the nars blush version of this color. Maybe in November. Lol.

  2. Aww bummer!! The same thing is happening to the packaging of my NARS pencil in the same shade! But the color is freaking amazing so I will probably repurchase, lol :)

    1. I know! Once I've fully finished it, I'll get another one as well. Lol.


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