Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mighty Leaf's White Orchard Review

I was sipping this with my morning strawberries and didn't even realize how perfect they were for each other! The White Orchard has a sweet, floral taste. If you could taste spring in a teacup, this would be it. According to the box, it has "white tea, greet tea, natural flavors, and flower petals." I wonder what kind of flower petals though because it tastes amazing and I can't quite seem to pick up which specific flower it is. Nevertheless, this tea is perfect for spring.

Overall 5/5 Stars:
I highly recommend this tea. For it's price point, about $7-10/15 teabags, I believe its worth it for a quality cup of tea without having to go to a fancy teashop.

Mighty Leaf is not so common where I'm from. I had to drive quite a distance and got this at Fairway. It's available in your local organic grocery shop, or

Will you be picking up White Orcard?


  1. Ohhh what a nice blend! I recently tried mexican chai and feel in love with it. I've been meaning to try some white tea by it self though.

  2. Whoa the tea bag looks special? Not the typical kind, I'm assuming? Also, I have been dreaming of bubble tea!

  3. Disappointing flavour, poor quality.

    This is not even manufactured in the USA. It comes out of
    North Africa near Libya and is made using slave labour.

    Will put my $$ towards a true American produced product
    instead thank you.


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