Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goodies from the P.I

There's nothing like getting goodies at a duty free price. My dad came home from the P.I and brought me and my sister makeup. He let us choose one. I chose the package of lipstick because well, I just can't say no to six different lipsticks. The other was a YSL makeup set, which, I'm probably going to end up using as well. Lol.

We also received a bunch of munchies!

And here are the lipsticks from Chic de Paris:

I might just have to do a full review because my sister and I are loving them right now - especially the red.

And this was from my Auntie. Can't wait to try it.

And these is the YSL makeup set which I am just super excited about! I figured it would have a lot of use in my car for emergency makeup needs after work. 

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Good on dad!!! My dad is so hopeless at shopping for women that he doesn't even try. Once he came home from a trip and bought me some blank DVDs haha. Oh dear. Your goodies look fantastic, I hope you'll enjoy it :)

  2. Omg! Lucky you! The YSL Palette is gorgeous! I'd be lucky if my mom bought me anything except for Green Tea Listerine and Creamsilk Conditioner lol. By the by, your post reminds me of the time I purchased a special Chanel Travel Palette on the airplane. I felt so chic and French! Can't wait to see swatches from the palette :)


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