Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tea Forte: Earl Grey Review

Tea Forte Earl Grey

 Earl Grey is the reason I became interested in teas at a young age. My dad had some fancy foreign tea box labeled, Earl Grey. (I don't recall the brand.) After sipping cups of this tea and running out, it's been a quest of mine to find an identical Earl Grey tea. I guess I'm sort of biased now that my taste of Earl Grey must be that kind of Earl Grey.

Anyway, I've heard really great reviews of the brand Tea Forte. I decided to pick up Earl Grey. This is the description from the website:
A symphony of robust Assam leaves with a light liquoring of cold-pressed, Italian Bergamot citrus. Our blend of this classic tea has been carefully crafted to define how an Earl Grey should taste. Deeply aromatic with a bold flavor.
Bold and deep with a dry after taste - as most black teas are. It has a mild citrus flavor very well blended into the mix that it becomes almost hard to tell there is any at all. Bergamot, the key flavor is fresh and robust. If you like black teas, and are willing to venture out into something a little different, try this.

Pricing and Availability
Available at Tea Forte's website, Fairway, and some Whole Foods. At $7.50, it is a more expensive tea, especially since it comes in a tea bag. I don't really think it's worth the $7.50 price tag to be honest.

This may not have been the exact earl grey I was looking for, but on its own, it's a unique kind of earl grey - leaning more to the citrusy and black tea side.

Tea Forte Earl Grey

Tea Forte Earl Grey

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  1. This sounds lovely!


  2. Oh I'm glad you love tea !!! :D You should blog about it as well. It's really fun! :D Thanks Sinead! Following you back. ;D

  3. I've just stumbled accross your blog & I'm so excited to find someone as crazy about tea as I am! And what's more, YOU BLOG ABOUT IT TOO!! ahhh :') definitely inspired to start blogging about tea now too! Can't wait to see more of your posts! :)
    Sinead xo
    ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  4. Yeah, I hope so too. It'll be tough though, but I'll keep looking. :)

  5. I don't think I've ever come across T2. I might have to search around the web for that one. But thanks for the suggestion! :D

  6. Really great Earl Grey is hard to come by for some reason.

  7. It's the same with me too! Earl Grey is what got me so obsessed with tea. My family is not a big tea drinker so they would only have black tea and jasmine tea in hand (jasmine tea is beautiful), but Early Grey.. oh my gosh!


  8. I have an Oasap giveaway on my blog! Check it out :)


  9. I love tea! Try T2 they might have one thats right!
    Alana xx

  10. I had Earl Grey tea from the Keurig Machine at work today! Coincidence? I think NOT!!

  11. Earl Grey is one of my favorites. I hope you find the brand that your dad had, so that you can enjoy earl grey even more. :)



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