Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yuzen Box Summer 2013

Yuzen Box has got to be my absolute favorite Subscription Beauty Box. It's tailored for people who want to try new organic, eco-friendly, high quality products. I signed up in February, just when they started to change their box 4x a year (Feb, May, Aug, Nov).

A little note from Yuzen. I love these little notes. And in it are descriptions of everything in the box and why it was chosen.

Yuzen Note

JJ's Sweets Sea Salt Caramels Yuzen Summer 2013

The first thing that I pulled out from the organza bag was JJ's Sweets Sea Salt Cocomels. According to the card, they're "lucious, mouthwatering treats with a sprinkle of sea salt for an irresistable taste combination." I haven't tried these yet, but they look pretty good so far.

Yuzen Summer 2013 Phyt's Lait Hydro Nettoyant

The next thing I pulled out was PHYT's Lait Hydro Nettoyant which is pretty much water soluble cleansing milk. Organic and "chemical free", I'm pretty excited to try it. Possible full review later.

Yuzen Summer 2013 ACURE Argan oil

The next item came in a smaller organza bag - ACURE Argan Oil and Marula Oil. I'm pretty excited about this because I've always wanted to try the brand ACURE and argan oil. I've been loving oils lately. Maybe I can use for my hair and body. I'm not too keen on using this for my face, but I will try it though - just to see it helps.

Yuzen Summer 2013 spa ritual nail lacquer

The next items are SPA RITUAL's Emerald City Nail Lacquer. You have absolutely no idea how excited and supped up I am for this. Not only have I been wanting to try SPA RITUAL, but it came in one of my favorite colors! It also came in a base/top coat - something I do need.

Yuzen Summer 2013 PRITE's Moisturizing body lotion

The next item is PRITE's Moisturizing Body Lotion. I love that it came in a tiny push pump bottle. Perfect for throwing into your purse or pocket at work. I tried this right away. It's very moisturizing but light enough to not be sticky. It's also made with organic aloe vera and honey.
Yuzen Summer 2013 action wipes

I then pulled out Action Wipes, which are "premoistened, body wipes created specifically for sports, traveling, camping, picnicking, or anytime you ar eon the move." Made with "therapeutic essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus oil." I'm going to put this in my car's emergency makeup kit.

Yuzen Summer 2013 Level bath bombs

The next item is Level Naturals Shower Bomb. I actually tried this today and it's pretty cool! You put it on the floor of your shower away from the shower head, and it fizzies to give out a strong aromatic scent. This one was made with menthol and eucalyptus oil. (Random note: I've actually got a cold today and this helped me breathe better while I was in the shower.) I want more of these in different scents!

Yuzen Summer 2013 level bath bombs

And this is a picture of what they look like. The box came with four bath bombs. I do wish they sent a variety of scents instead of the same scent.

Yuzen Summer 2013 Juil

The next item is a $40 gift card from Juil's. I was browsing their site and noticed that pretty much everything was $85. I'm thinking of giving my code away.

Yuzen Summer 2013

The rest of the box were informative cards about the products. I did notice that as I read the note card from Yuzen, that I never received one of the items: the SUKI Luscious Lips Berry Cream Trio. Everyone makes mistakes and I'm sure this is just a human error. I will follow up with a future edit on how Yuzen responds.  

Yuzen Summer 2013 

: I'm very pleased with this box. Yuzen still remains to be my favorite Subscription Boxes. I hope this experience doesn't jade this box for me. At $26, I feel that this box has a lot of value. At the moment, they aren't taking any new subscriptions, but you can always sign up for their mailing list.

Yuzen Summer 2013

Did you subscribe to Yuzen? If so, how do you like it?

UPDATE: 5/15/13: I received an email saying they would send me the missing item. Really happy with customer service right now. Just waiting for it in the mailbox. :)

UPDATE: 5/19/13: I finally received the goodies from the mail! A full review to come soon.

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  1. Wow fantastic box! :) Salted caramel is delicious!!

    1. I still haven't tried it yet bc I'm recovering from a cold. Lol. But I really can't wait to try it!

  2. That does look like a great present idea. Packaged great too. x

    1. It is. They pay special attention to packaging in this box - which I absolutely love.

  3. Hi just found your blog, Salted caramel is divine, love it so much haha!! :) Great post hun! Lovely packaging too.

    If you have a moment, take a look at my blog? if you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x

    1. Your blog is so cute! Yup, following you now. :)

  4. Those look like great items! I've always wanted to try a bath bomb, but never seem to have the time to. :/ Would love to see how that polish performs! :)

    1. The Bath Bomb is pretty cool. It fizzies in this shower and emits a strong scent. I'm going to post up how the polish looks soon.

  5. ouu this box looks like a great mix of products. If I got this I'd be so happy. It's unfortunate they don't ship worldwide :0

    1. Awww! :( Maybe later on they'll start considering shipping internationally.

  6. Suki makes makeup? Whoa! I've been a fan since their lemon face scrub! Also, Spa Ritual makes amazing nail polish that lasts really long without chipping! Would love to see a review :)

  7. Hey Mel! Thanks for following! Following you back on bloglovin. :D

  8. Wow you have a gorgeous blog, with beautiful photo's! What a fab box to receive xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  9. This box looks great and the packaging is beautiful! I've just discovered your blog and I'm loving it so you have another follower here :)

    I have just started blogging so therefore I'd really appreciate people taking the time to have a look at it. If you get a chance please have a sticky beak and leave me a comment or follow me :)

  10. Some lovely products! :)

    Kelly xx


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