Saturday, June 15, 2013

Harney & Sons Pomegranite Oolong Tea

Several months ago, I had the fortune of trying out Harney & Sons Pomegranite Tea when I visited the good old boyfriend. I was amused over how much of a tea fan he had become. This is one of the first I've tried from his picks. I have to say, it's pretty good!

Not only is the tin jar useful in keeping the teas fresh, but the design is very reminiscent of quaint elegant times. The teas are packaged in sachets which allow for bigger tea leaves. I personally enjoy tea sachets the most as they allow the speediness of making teas in a tea bag and enough room for larger tea leaves to expand.


Oolong Tea, according to Harney & Sons website, "is between a green and black tea. Through repeated and complicated steps, the tea leaves are partially oxidized, whereas green tea is not oxidized at all and black tea is fully oxidized." Perhaps this is why green teas have more that fresh grassy flavor.

The tea definitely has the mixed earthy subtlety of Oolong mixed in with the light fresh, lightly tangy, mildly sweet taste of pomegranate. It makes for a very interesting summery brew. I had the tea hot, but I can imagine this would also taste great lightly sweetened and iced. 

Pricing and Availability: 

I believe for the high quality of the tea, $5.99 is a real good find. It even comes in a tin box! The only hard part is finding this tea. This tea isn't located in any local supermarkets around me. It is however, next door to the boyfriends house. It's also available in their website, and can be found in some organic supermarkets. 


I love everything about this tea - from the packaging, the teabag, the taste. I would probably choose a different tea flavor however just to have a variety. Wouldn't want the same teas he has unless I'm head over heels for it. Perhaps if it weren't for the pomegranate, I might like this one more. I tend to like the earthy flavors alone by themselves.

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  1. Lol, it's my boyfriends, but I'll ask him where he got it. And thanks Aman! Following you back. :D

  2. I love tea! OMG I MUST know where you got that mug!!

    love your blog, following now xoxo

    -Aman @

  3. This sounds soo yummy! Great post. (: xx

  4. Thanks Jen! That must've been a really great gift set you received! :D

  5. Love that tea! I got that set as a gift so I know how good it tastes =) i love your cup!

  6. Thanks so much Asti! Aww I hate that pricings are always different everywhere.

  7. I love this brand, it's quite good! Their tea selections are really nice although it costs sooo much here :(. Love the packaging!

  8. Oh wow what a beautiful looking tea! I love the pot it comes in too, so cute xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie


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