Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Caudalie Divine Oil Review

So, I was kind of a noob when I first took these shots. I assure you, these were taken early in the days of blogging. (So please don't mind the awkward photo.) Anyway, onto the review.

I first heard of Caudalie Divine Oil from a friend, BluChiffon, who raved about just how awesome this oil is. She uses it alone as a body moisturizer. As someone who has dryer skin, I supplement my daily lotion with this oil.  You can use this on your hair, face and body. I've tried it once on my face and started freaking out when it just felt too oily and my pores felt gross. I tried it on my hair, but my hair is already an oil slick without the added oil. So that wasn't too nice. For me the best use was my body.

I've been using this for about 3-4 months, less and less as the warmer months come by. I find that its more suitable during cold dry winter days. The extra oil adds just the perfect amount of extra moisture. Now that spring is here, I've dwindled down my usage of this. Nevertheless, I will continue to use when autumn and winter come again.

Unlike other oils, the formula is very light and breezy - not heavy at all. I like that I'm not being weighed down by too much grease. As for the scent, it's quite unique. It reminds me of mature flowers, subtle and classy with a mix of baby powder. It's strange because it's made of "grape oil, extra-virgin argan oil, extra-virgin hibiscus oil, and sesame oil."

I have to say I've really enjoyed using this. Is a it a must have in my routine? Probably not now. In the winter months, it will be a necessity. As of right now, however, its just a nice thing to want. For it's price - $9.00 for a 0.5 oz bottle at Sephora- it's quite expensive. But I have to say it is worth it once in awhile. 

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  1. Yeah, the scent is really alluring. I really enjoyed it while I was using it. :)

  2. I think you can that replaced so long as it's not half empty.

  3. I splurged on the full sized version of this, and just love it... the scent of this is just so delicious, I can't get enough :)

  4. I totally agree with you! This would be too heavy for the summer!But it's just right for winter and autumn :) When I repurchased the smaller version at Sephora, I was so bummed to find out the spray nozzle didn't work :( I lost my receipt too, so now it's just decoration in my room lol.


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