Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ipsy July 2013 Bag

Ipsy is slowly becoming my favorite value beauty subscription service. For only $10, the products they send you are well worth the money. Back when Ipsy was new, I didn't subscribe because I felt like the samples they sent you were literally just that - tiny samples. But Ipsy has grown to a point where they're now sending out either full sized items or large samples. This is what I got in the month of July.

BH Cosmetics Trio

The first item is an eyeshadow trio from BH Cosmetics.The colors are very fun for summer. The middle color however, doesn't really show up much on my skin. Probably due to the fact that it pretty much matches my skin tone.

Pop Pouty Crayon

Honestly, I love trying out new lip products so this was a real plus in the bag. The color is a nude mauve and comes out to a nude MLBB shade on me. The finish is slightly glossy while the texture is fairly moisturizing. 

Nailtini Nail Polish

Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal Beach Spray

I've always wanted a beach hair spray. This is the one I was most curious to try. It smells like SPF lotion and really reminds me of going to the beach. When on, it gives my hair a lot of texture and volume. This may be something I'll end up repurchasing if I ever run out of it.

Coola's Tinted Moisturizer

Ipsy Bag
And last but not least, the Ipsy Bag. Please disregard the white out - it helps hold it up. It's a clear plastic bag that's designed for bringing to the beach. 

For $10 a month, this month's bag was definitely well worth it! There are a lot of beach themed products that are just perfect for July. I feel like I'll get a lot of use from the Beach Spray, the Nail Polish, the Bag, and maybe the lippie from Pop. If you want to sign up for Ipsy, you can click here for my referral code or here if you'd like to sign up without my referral code. 


  1. I got the same things - my lip crayon was a hot pink shade though. I really am enjoying Ipsy as well!

  2. Ipsy is the only beauty box that really caught my attention. I got my first one this month too. I got an exfoliator scrub instead of the nail polish. I actually ordered a full size of the BH Cosmetic eyeshadow palettes because they're so cheap and nice!

  3. Oh my goooood! I am soo jealous ! I've always wanted a beach Hairspray and I never found one which works and doesnt destroy my hair at the same time.. and all the other products look sooo goood!! Why didnt I know about that when I was in the US -cry- )):
    Unfortunately we don't have similar beautyboxes in Germany .. ): We have some but they're not even cloooose to what you have over there ):

  4. That Ipsy bag looks really cool but I´m no from USA and is hard to purchase. But thanks for share your Ipsy bag is pretty cute. The lip pop crayon looks really perfect.


  5. wow, great products! the BH California collection eyeshadows look really great :)

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  6. Looks like a great bag.I will definitely want to sign up for these monthly blogs once I come home for exchange.

  7. Oh wow for $10 that's pretty good!

  8. I'M SOOO JEALOUSSS. I've been reading a lot about Ipsy and I wantttt it so badd. How I wish there is a beauty box similar to Ipsy in my country.

  9. Great post! Thanks for sharing!


    Brittany, xx

  10. The Malibu shade from the palette is really pretty ! I absolutely love the colour of the nail polish !
    I'm so jealous of you, because I can't have ipsy in my country... T^T

  11. Very nice!! Yeah Ipsy is pretty awesome. :)

  12. Nice!!! You have to let us know how the full sized palettes are! :D

  13. Awww.. maybe if you have relatives that live here, they could order one for you and then just ship it to you?

  14. I know in August, their sneak peak said something about an Urban Decay Lipstick.

  15. Yeah, I know. It's what makes it sooo affordable that I love. I had to cut some of my other boxes because they were too expensive.

  16. Awww.. Maybe if you have relatives over here, you could ask them to order and ship it to you?

  17. Maybe you could ask a relative or a friend to order and ship it to you?

  18. I love your layout! AND your photos! OMG it's been a while since I read your posts. I missed them! :)

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  20. Everything I hear and see about Ipsy gets better and better! I think I'll get my sister a subscription to it for her birthday; she was looking for a new beauty subscription.
    I love your layout, by the way!!!

    Makeup 'n More By Anna

  21. I really can't decide which subscription service to choose, but this one looks great!
    I have followed your blog on GFC, please check mine out <3 thank you!
    Sophie xxx

  22. This would make such a great birthday present. Lol, I wish I got something like this as a gift. Your sister would be pretty excited. :)

  23. Thanks Sophie! Followed you back. :D
    I hope my post was helpful in you deciding. Just curious, but which ones are you thinking about?

  24. I wish we had this service over here. I love Sexy Hair products, and $10 is such a bargain x


  25. Gorgeous eyeshades - summer perfect!

    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)

    Have a fab Sunday xoxo


  26. Nice post, really good value for $10!! Nice blog :)

    Lorraine xx

  27. *gasp* No Benetint?

    I wish ipsy shipped to Norway. They say July ipsy box is the best one yet! Do you agree?

    Why did I come across your blog just now? It's perfff x

  28. Love your pictures! I think I got the same pop beauty pouty crayon shade as you! :P and lucky! I wanted to get the beach spray lol

    ☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }

  29. Wow that looks like value for money! I have never tried a beach spray but I must, I love trying to give my limp hair some texture and volume! I wish I would receive a beach hair product in my subscription box!

    :) A Day In The Life Of Mel: http://missmel7.blogspot.com.au/

  30. Ipsy is a great subscription service and has improved a lot since it first started. I am trying to get back on the subscription right now and it seems to be a long waitlist. I went on wishlist last month, late-last month, and I'm still waiting...

    That Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal Beach Spray seems pretty cool. It seems to me that many people are really into beach sprays this summer!

  31. Thanks Jay! Lol just saw this comment now. xDDD And yeah, I didn't get the Benetint! Sigh... And whoa, you live in Norway! How is it over there? I hear it's supposed to be one of the happiest places around.

  32. Omg, there's still a waitlist!??! They just had a couple reopenings around July time... Huh, that's crazy!

  33. I know right?! I wished that I hadn't unsubscribe. :(

  34. Norway's rad! I love it here! Very peaceful, clean and life is just luxurious up here. Everything's expensive, but apart from that, it might be a perfect place to live in! You should visit Norway someday! :)

  35. Lol after you said that, I looked up pictures of Norway. Very beautiful and mountainous! Your description makes me wanna visit someday! :D


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