Friday, March 1, 2013

My Latest Obsession: Lancome's Color Design Lipstick

Literally "In Love" with this baby. I have to say ... I'm blown away by Lancome. Last time I tried their lipstick, I was a kid trying on my mom's GWP lipsticks. And back in the day, they were so drying I had to swipe them off my lips in five minutes. Hence, why I would never buy Lancome's Lippies now-a-days. But this one ... oh this one... really really really blew me away. I mean, this is what I expected Chanel lipstick to be like when people described it to me.

This lipstick is emollient, like a lip balm. It doesn't even feel like a lipstick - which is why I love it so much. Traditional lipsticks have this thick feeling, even when you apply lightly. And sometimes, within a few hours, you just have to urge to just wipe it away. Not with this one. That's why I'm so blown away. I'm the type of person who had really dry, sensitive lips. 

Wear Time:
Now wear time. I guess nothing is ever perfect is it? Without eating or drinking, I'd say 4 hours tops. But the color will indeed disappear with eating and drinking.

In Love is a semi-opaque nude, light pink. (Vague right?) Anyway, I did my best to capture the color in a photo. Hopefully this will do better. 

How have I been missing this lippie all this time?? Lancome's Color Design retails for $22USD. Not bad when you're getting a top quality lippie. Even better when you're getting it for free with gwp! I got this at my local Macy's. You can also find this online.

I bought these goodies with my own money. This was not endorsed by the company. The pictures are mine. If you want to use them or share, please ask.

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  1. Love your reviews, so easy to read. This lippy colour looks beautiful, I'm a huge fan of nudes/light pinks as they're so wearable and work appropriate (I'm a student-teacher and while studying I do teacher aide work, therefore I don't think the pretty bright colours are suitable, I save them for the weekend :P)

    I think I might have to give this a go, I'm drawn to the colour and I like the 'lip balm' feel. What's the colour called? :)

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