Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Revlon Lip Butters Review And Swatches

The market for tinted lip balms is suddenly booming. Where was this when I was looking for tinted lip balms left and right? But anyway, I guess it's better late then never right? Anyway, I'd like to share with you my ever expanding collection of Revlon's Lip Butters. Can you tell how obsessed I am with these babies? To see more photos and swatches, read more.

This is the most accurate portrayal of the colors. Left to Right: Pink Truffle, Sweet Tart, Tutti Fruti, Peach Parfait, Brown Sugar

Sweet Tart:
A cool toned pink, this one looks really pretty in the swatches. It's a bright almost-fuchsia pink. On me, it just looked ghastly.
Sweet Tart Revlon Lip Butter Swatch

Tutti Fruiti:
A sheer melon orange. Great for summer looks with a bronzy glow.
Frutti Tutti Revlon Lip Butter Swatch

Peach Parfait:
This would've been my favorite if it weren't for the glitter. I really don't like any glitter/shimmer on my lips. It felt really griny. But the color was beautiful. A muted coral pink. Really matches Nars Orgasm blush pretty well.

Peach Parfait Revlon Lip Butter Swatch

Pink Truffle: 

My favorite of the bunch. It's a mix between muted dark nude lippie with undertones of purple, red and brown. The most neutral color of the bunch that I can pull of with any look.

Pink Truffle Revlon Lip Butter Swatch

Brown Sugar:
As it's name suggests, think brown sugar on your lips. There's little bits of glitter in this one too. A slightly brown color, and goes on as a dark nude. 
Brown Sugar Revlon Lip Butter Swatch

Overall: The formula of these lip butters are soft and smooth. Moisturizing at first. But then a little after 3-4 hours, I need to get me my Hemp lip balm. These are great for those days when all you want is a little something. While the colors are sheer, the color can be packed for an almost full color. The color then settles into a glossy look.

I bought these goodies with my own money. This was not endorsed by the company. The pictures are mine. If you want to use them or share, please ask.


  1. I'm addicted to these butters!:)

  2. Oh love these lip butters! Revlon is definitely my favourite high street brand for lip products. I know exactly what you mean about Peach Parfait. It doesn't feel nice at all! My favourite is Tutti Frutti =) xx


    I can not get enough of these lip butters....slowly but surely I find myself purchasing all of them! I recently bought a MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick and I liked the lip butters better.

    Nothing better than finding better or comparable products for a fraction of the price :)

  4. Very true! I'm so glad you found this amazing! I hope it was very helpful in choosing colors! :)


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