Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Twinnings Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Tea is one of my favorite teas. So full of floral jasmine flavors, warm and soothing. But it can be very tricky to find a good cup of Jasmine. Some are too bitter to let the actual Jasmine come up. Some just don't taste like Jasmine tea at all. Instead, they taste like a dry green tea.

This particular one however, when done right, can give you just the right amount of Jasmine. I use my automatic thermos that keeps water at a constant 208 degrees C. I let the tea steep for about 3-5 minutes, then add some cold water to make it drinkable right away. (Yeah I don't have time to wait a whole half hour for tea to cool.)

The wrong way to do it - which I have done before - is to pour the hot water and then just keep mixing the tea bag up and down. I thought it would let the tea steep faster. Nope. Wrong. This is how I got out all the bitters and no Jasmine. That was a sad morning for me. So be patient with this tea.

Overall: I'm pretty sure there are other more aromatic Jasmine teas out there, but for only $2.50 at my local Pathmark, and it's easy accessibility, it's probably the best Jasmine tea for it's price range.

What's your favorite Jasmine Tea?


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  2. Drinking tea isn't only good for your body but for your skin as well. Tea and coffee are both caffeinated drinks, but for me, drinking tea is more beneficial than of coffee. Although, there's a lot of better green tea brands out there, Twinnings’ teas tastes good for its price range.

    Consuela Vanantwerp

  3. They're a great tea brand and easily available. :)


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