Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flora Tea: Too Pretty to Drink

So this is my first time making this Flora Tea. I first saw it on youtube. Then my boyfriend got me this as an extra for V-Day. I'm sooo excited to be sharing this with you! I love tea and art so much and when you combine them, well let's just say I never knew you could combine them at first. So this is pretty exciting.

So what exactly are Flora Teas?

According to website,

"Flora Teas ™ (Flowering teas ™) are hand-tied individual tea (Green tea) leaves with selected dried aromatic flowers forming a tea ball/heart, which reveals its secret centre when placed in boiling water, blooming into an artistic and captivating flower display with an enriching taste." -- Definition by FLORA TEA COMPANY UK LIMITED

This is how it's packaged:

The tea comes out as a small, mushroom shaped tea-ball.

I think I should've used a taller glass. The white Jasmine flowers were supposed to stand up straight and tall. Wooops.... So I put more water. And... Tada!

And now, the finished product:
(Please excuse the picture quality difference. One was my phone and the other from my sister's.) Pretty isn't it? But does it taste as good as it looks? Absolutely! The flavor is a blend of Jasmine Flowers and Green Tea. The green tea never becomes too overpowering for the Jasmine like some teas. And you get a strong whiff of jasmine/green tea aromas as you sip. Simply divine!

You can buy Flora Tea from their website. 

Disclaimer: I bought these goodies with my own money. (In this case, given to me as a gift from my boyfriend.) Not endorsed by any company. If you use my pictures, please ask.

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