Monday, March 4, 2013

YSL Lipstick in Rose Dahlia Review

You know that feeling when you're just itching for this certain color, in this particular line... But then they don't have it everywhere you look because it's either sold out or they just don't carry it? I believe it took about four attempts before finally find this beauty. And when I finally did find it at a Sephora in the city, I got it with a $10 discount! (Totally justified the expenses.) Anyway, wow. Rose Dahlia, where do I start?

Packaging: (5/5)
Rose Dahlia is housed in a luxurious golden rectangular case. The cap clicks in and out without noise. It's simply a beauty to hold.

Color: (5/5)
Rose Dahlia is a like a semi-bright pinkish coral. It leans toward cool toned but I believe it's closer to neutral so both cool toned and warm toned lads can pull it off. It's Perfect for the early buddings of spring and the hot steamy summer months, or for that girly floral dress locked up right now. The color is fully opaque with one swipe and buildable for a brighter color.

Formula & Longevity: (3/5), (3/5)
The formula is your average lipstick - not too thick, not too thin. Not exactly your most moisturizing lipstick either. It is extremely comfortable to wear the first 1 - 2 hours, but then after than, my lips are itching for my lip balm. Honestly, this lipstick could probably last longer than the 1 -2 hours, but it's drying formula really cuts down it's longevity.

Pricing and Availability: (3/5)
For $33.00, I don't really believe it's worth it. You're simply buying pretty eye-candy and the brand's name. It is however, readily available in department stores and YSL's website.

Overall: (3.8/5)
I don't think I'd want another lipstick from this line. The formula is just not that wearable for us lads with dry lips. The constant need for lip balm makes this lipstick very hard to wear for long periods of time. Such a shame too because I've heard that lipstick can last for quite a long time.

Have you ever tried this lipstick or any from the line?
If so, how do you like it?
What's your favorite lipstick right now?

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  1. Thanks Laura! Yeah I really love the color and scent.

    Now following you back through bloglovin an gfc. :)

  2. I haven’t tried this myself but I’ve heard a lot of good things about YSL lipsticks and the colour looks so lush. Plus it sounds good though from what you’ve said.
    Might have to actually go out and try it now! Defiantly your newest fan now xx


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