Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Collection of Gold

Sometimes you get that moment where you're looking for a particular color so specific, that nothing seems to fit. Or other times, you're just in love with a color, you buy all the shades of it. That was the case for me when it comes to gold nail polish. I went through a little craze looking for the best golden nail color. In the end, I think I ended up loving them all. Each color ended up being different in their own way.


Pantone's Olive Gray and Essie's As Good as Gold are actually very similar in color. They are both a light grayish gold. Zoya's Ziv is a shimmery gold with full opacity in one layer. I was very impressed with this one. Pantone's Latte also has shimmer but needs two coats for full opacity. The last one is Pantone's Starfish, which is basically gold glitter. This one is probably useful as a top coat or accent for nail polish.

Pantone's Latte
Zoya's Ziv
Sephora Pantone's Olive Gray
Sephora Pantone's Starfish

Essie's As Good as Gold

Which one is your favorite?

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